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Monday, June 25, 2018


In Nigeria traditional oil & gas activities form the strong basis of the great part of industrial, social and national development. Oil & gas is the focus of LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM LTD being the partner company of JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES.

The oil & gas sector stimulates the great majority of the Nigerian economy. Today it is crucial to pay attention to the sustainable use of the national income in terms of building public services that are capable the serve the current and the future generations. Land and people shall be the beneficiary of large financial revenues to be reinvested in the build of nation-wide, well performing infrastructure for safe and healthy water, clean energy and effective means of transport systems such as roads and public transport.

Energy, water and transports actually make the key elements of rich economic, social and cultural development on a long term basis. All the three are very much connected to covering the basic needs of the population: safe and enough food, clean and safe living, shelter to protect men, animals and nutrition, warm, clean and dry cloths, reliable supply with everyday goods or open access to them, cleaning, washing, cooking, heating and much more in various ways through an ordinary day.

Lacking a service temporarily or permanently makes ordinary life difficult. Private and corporations seek for public services that they can count on. Prosperity and quality of public services are very closely related. Therefore putting good public services in place and making sure, that they are run and maintained in a proper way, decides on whether or not people can live a decent life there, corporations can produce under countable conditions there, entrepreneurs and investors will be attracted to look at the region and invest there, and finally in general a promising development can take place.

Excellent public services are one of the entry criteria of new corporations and citizens to settle. Neglecting the standards of public services is equal to neglecting the interests of people and corporations looking for good places to be and upcoming markets to take part.

Creating and installing excellence in public services is one of the key criteria of leading cities in the world: Singapore, London, Hamburg, Zurich, etc. JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES is there to follow them.

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