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Fresh Water Collection, Processing and Supply

Depending on the use, sweat water is of quality


> from the tab to drink (people and animals) and for health care

“clean, not drinkable” 

> sweat water as boiling water in the kitchen and for cleaning

> sweat process water in the industry for steaming, heating, cooling, washing

> in gardening and agriculture for watering the plants (rain water preferred)


Collected from the sea, water must be desalted before any use, at least to protect installations from corrosion.

Water processing can take place with mechanical, biological, chemical, physical measures at most different level of costs. The set of measures is defined by the final purpose to use the water and starts at the water source before any water supply to the households, the industry and the farms and farmland.

Sewage Water Management and Processing

In order to protect the health of people, animals and environment conditions, any dirty water needs to be treated before being released into nature, i.e. defined purity standards have to be met in order to allow the natural, micro-biotic cleaning processes to actually take place.

Protecting people, animals and nature from hazardous, used water starts with the safe management of private and public sanitation, industrial outlets and farmland drainage.

The amount of sewage water and involved risks coming from bad sanitation management can be dramatically reduced by dry sanitation systems and by implementing closed recycling circles.

Finally sewage water processing takes place with mechanical, biological/micro-biotic, chemical and physical means. Risks and costs of risk prevention, i.e. sewage water processing, depends on the level of proper sewage water management.

JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES act towards good and safe water management and masters the whole range of water processing means, also low tech solutions at low costs, high ease of use and level of reliability.

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