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Roads, Highways and Public Transport Systems

Public transport or individual traffic, motorized, as pedestrians or by bike, whether moving people or cargo goods, whether on the roads and highway, by railway, through a pipeline, in the air or on the water, whether through tunnels and tubes in the underground, staying on the surface or even rising up to a higher floor, whether in the city, between regions or connecting to the world, whether conducted, automated or self-controlled: JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES arrange evaluation, planning, engineering, construction and preparations for safe operations of any kind of transport systems. Again JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES have the competence to look at the local conditions, to evaluate approaches, feasibilities and business opportunities. With the clear idea in mind and the area to look in agreed with the stakeholders, again JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES are able to bring the necessary partners on board to help in the following phases of detailed engineering, realization, maintenance and operations – both revamping systems in bad conditions or building new ones from scratch. 

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