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Planning and Engineering

JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES start each customer request and planning process with a comprehensive inventory and analysis of current and future needs, available and potential (re)sources and by performing a feasibility study to bring needs and resources in line with each other on a very fundamental basis. Basically this is followed by a rough economic analysis and a rough environmental impact analysis, both to give an indication of the efforts needed, of the costs to be expected and of the impacts on natural and social environments to be dealt with. Out of a large number of options and scenarios, those are recommended and selected, that respect the restrictions and potentially meet the best the various interests of various stakeholders. Through such basic considerations, the range of useful project options is set and the planning and engineering efforts can be reduced to actually promising investigations. It the end of this phase the project owners such as communities and corporations enjoy a good overview over the realistic possibilities and decide on how to define and design the projects on their way forward.

Going through this process of project focus definition at a very early stage rises the chances of project success dramatically and helps to avoid dead end project work, i.e. to burn money for no good result and to loose good reputation of all parties involved. JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES LTD. is very careful to take control of the hidden risks of big projects in the public and understands transparency and active communications with any kind of stakeholders as best guarantee not to make any mistakes.

At the same time dealing with many public and private stakeholders creates good and strong project results thanks to the intensive watching and challenging of the developments. Thanks to the intensive stakeholder participation, a big deal of additional creativity to find good solutions and a lot of crucial identification of projects owners, private and public, takes place. This again paves the way to run and protect the future service/s in a most reliable way. 

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