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Monday, June 25, 2018



Our matchless technical know-how and our personality of ‘high performance’ ensure that, whatever is the condition of project, we have the capability to deliver at the specific time.

JIMAJ consultancy are our specialised engineers, who apply their technical skills and knowledge to maximising the economic recovery of hydrocarbons. We  can  also provide management for clients’ projects from inception to completion, tackling the technical tasks to maximise production and reserves.

Effective reservoir development and management is built on a foundation of sound reservoir report. JIMAJ achieves this by incorporation and iteration of reservoir engineering with geophysics, geology, petrophysics and other technical disciplines. Our clients receive static and dynamic reservoir evaluation and integrated management solutions. Our services are affiliated to our clients’ business expectation and performance targets, and cover the complete round for oil and gas reservoirs, from exploration through appraisal and development to ‘brown field’ regeneration.

Reservoir engineering services are available to support exploration and appraisal planning and assessment, development planning, reservoir evaluation / management and commercial / business needs. JIMAJ reservoir engineers have a proven track record of delivering innovative engineering solutions to our clients.



JIMAJ Engineers designs and implement procedures to drill our client’s wells as safely and economically as possible. Our drilling engineers, service contractors, and compliance personnel works with geologists and other technical specialists to deliver excellently. Our  drilling engineers has the responsibility for ensuring that costs are minimized while getting information to evaluate the formations penetrated, protecting the health and safety of workers and other personnel, and protecting the environment.

We also engage our Engineers in

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures

  • Project scoping and cost estimating

  • Directional planning and collision avoidance procedures

  • Drill stem testing, workover and stimulation programs

  • Risk assessment and hazard review

  • Well and drill site permitting

  • Drilling and completion design

  • Artificial lift design and optimization

  • Subsea well intervention

  • Rig and equipment sizing, contracting and procurement

  • Safety valve control systems installation and testing

  • Advanced tubular design and wellbore thermal modeling using Landmark StressCheck™ and WellCat™ software.

  • Third-party casing design verification

  • Injection well (Underground Injection Program) permitting 

 JIMAJ also supplies also supplies onshore and offshore wellsite supervisors, both Drill Site Managers (DSMs) and Workover Site Managers (WSMs).

JIMAJ trained and experienced field staff and supervisors to plan and execute drilling rig mobilizations and demobilizations. We offer comprehensive services for all aspects of rig moves, including:Rig selection, sourcing, and purchase negotiations Rig drilling equipment inspection, repair, and installations Rig construction, remanufacturing planning and oversight Platform site structural assessments and modification designs. Drilling rig layouts and well site planning Full interface and integration reviews, engineering, procurement, and installation Marine logisticsCrane and rigging planning Full “turn-key” rig-up or rig-down operations.



JIMAJ Processour clients wells, ready for production or injection. We  prepare the bottom of the hole to the required specifications, running in the production tubing and its associated down hole tools as well as perforating and stimulating as required. Sometimes, the process of running in and cementing the casing is also included.  We also engage in  the following stated below

Lower completion

Barefoot completion

Open Hole

Open hole completion

Liner Completions

Perforated Liner

Perforated Casing

Cased hole completion

Conventional completions

Completion components


TreeTubing hanger

Production tubing

Annular safety valve

Side pocket mandrel

Electrical submersible pump

Landing nipple

Sliding sleeve

Production packer

Downhole gauges

Perforated joint

Formation isolation valve


Wireline entry guide

Perforating and stimulating



Acidising and fracturing (combined method)

Nitrogen circulation



The term Enhanced Oil Recovery encompasses a wide range of advanced processes for increasing hydrocarbon reserves. It includes such techniques as injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen, surfactant or polymer injection, microbial EOR, WAG and low-salinity water flooding.

There is keen interest in CO2 EOR currently. The technique offers the opportunity for long-term geological storage of large quantities of CO2, a key greenhouse gas, while increasing the recovery of oil from the field in which the CO2 is stored.


JIMAJ engineers have the skills and experience to support all field evaluation and  appraisal activities. We deliver a variety of confidential asset evaluation services ranging from the assessment of hydrocarbon potential and risk, from exploration data through to the estimation of reserves and economic evaluations for producing assets or companies. Members of the JIMAJ team have substantial practical knowledge of the commercialisation of oil and gas projects and have participated in many tariff, third party and gas sales negotiations as well as unitisation and allocation. Reserves estimations, Competent Persons Reports and acquisition and divestment support all have a large reservoir engineering component. During evaluation ,we consider  investment appraisal and economic viability of specific issues including the viability of carbon capture in our clients oil field/Fields. Evaluations must also consider all categories of expenses, including labor, equipment, fuel, and other supplies .   Also we engage  in

Planning/Environmental Review

Open-hole wireline services

LWD logging-while-drilling system

Cased-hole wireline services

Geoscience competencies




Installation of specialized equipment during construction/drilling can eliminate gas leaks and yield higher gas production to offset equipment costs .



JIMAJ  Team of Engineers involves in Production with  other teams, this operation brings hydrocarbons to the surface and prepares them for processing. Our Production begins after the well is drilled. The mixture of oil, gas and water from the well is separated on the surface. The water is disposed of and the oil and gas are treated, measured, and tested. Production operations include bringing the oil and gas to the surface, maintaining production, and purifying, measuring, and testing.



JIMAJ offer  training  with sophisticated IT  equipment , onshore and offshore ,also  on–site at client's locations, with the capability to offer a range of courses on request anywhere in the world. We can help identify and analyse company training needs, and consult on or deliver long–term programmes. JIMAJ can also provide project management on the assembly and implementation of training facilities.


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