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Local content, as defined by the Nigerian content development bill is:

-“…the quantum of composite value added to or created in the Nigerian economy by a systematic development of capacity and capabilities through the deliberate utilization of Nigerian human, material resources and services in the Nigerian … Economy”.

The target is to enhance the level of participation of Nigerians and Nigerian companies in the country’s industry. The Government of Nigeria has made clear the intention to increase indigenous participation in the industry in terms of human, material and economic resources.

What has already become a strong condition in the oil & gas industrial sector, shall apply to any other industry and public service area, too: JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES LTD and partners have a clear strategy to engage local materials and services and seek for recruitment and development of local human capital in all economic activities.  Beyond the on-going stimulation of regional work and market, there is also an educational aspect of using local resources. Using local resources brings back intellectual power, working capabilities, inspiration and innovation. Using local work and resources creates a momentum of confirmation, pride and ambition – a strong draft to go further, to try and succeed, to take the lead, to get appreciation, to win reputation and respect, and after all to use the increasing level of success and self-confidence to maintain further development on an on-going basis.

Beside this socio-cultural effect, economic independence and autonomy make a big deal of reliable supply with safe products at fair prices today and in future. Keeping the sources of transport capacity, clean water and safe energy under own control, protecting the land and the natural sources as indigenous properties and national assets, will clear the way for on-going, sustainable availability and open access to basic means like water, energy and transports. Keeping and protecting these assets prevent land and people from foreign rulers and provides faith and security to the land and the people for strong development and great resilience. The glory of the own land will be made and secured by the own people and the own government on the basis of the own means, resources and achievements.

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