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Not only production sites for oil and gas and heavy industry, but obviously also large infrastructure for traffic, transport and logistics cause major impacts on the natural and environmental conditions and the health of men, flora and fauna. Power plants can irritate the natural conditions dramatically and even water plants depending on the water resources accessed can screw up a formerly well balanced natural systems dramatically.

Hydro power plants can cause dramatic changes in the water regime of a region, impact the regional weather conditions, harm wild life and damage the quality of the landscape. Wind power stations can cause permanent noise irritate wild life and reduce the quality of life in the neighbourhood. Water plants can cause that water sources dry out, badly manage sewage water stations can cause serious illness, epidemic disease and death. Roads and railways can cut living spaces and interrupt wild life corridors, cause damage to natural conditions and cause health risks because of air pollution and heavy noise. 

This is just a flashlight out of an endless list of technical risks coming with seemingly harmless public services like water, power and transports during installation, operations and maintenance. 

In any project of JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES, the issues of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are carefully addressed and managed early in the project so as to avoid increased risk of adverse schedule and cost impacts as well as increased probability of operational incidents which has the tendency to negatively impact business. In order to address the challenges of HSE, relative management plans are prepared prior to basic engineering and project sanction. The plans have strict adherence to international, national and local agenda, as well as strict corporate regulations. At JIMAJ ENERGY SERVICES LTD., HSE specialists make sure that safety and environmental regulations are observed strictly by corporate guidelines, personnel training and case-oriented support.

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